February 28, 2017

When should I redesign my website?

Maybe you’ve had your website for a while, and you’re wondering if it’s time for a redesign. I’m asked that question all the time! The answer is both simple and complicated.

You should redesign your website when the time is right.

That’s not helpful? Well, it is a bit oversimplified. To elaborate, you need to redesign your website when it no longer fits your organization’s needs.

Just because you’re bored with your website doesn’t mean it’s time for a redesign!

Typically, there are one of two reasons a website will no longer fit your needs.

Outdated technology

Sure, the latest and the greatest technology can be cool and even helpful. But most organizations can’t afford to have their website in a constant state of development. And with the web changing all the time, that’s what it would take.

However, when your website can no longer do a reasonable job of accomplishing your organization’s goals because of outdated technology, it’s probably time for a redesign.

Outdated design

Those of us who live in the design world often suffer from Graphic Designer Attention Deficit Disorder. We stare at a particular design so long and spend so much time working on it that we get tired of it, and we want to see something new.

Our clients at businesses and nonprofits run into the same thing! They look at their website so often that they get tired of it and think they need a new look.

Of course, there are legitimate design reasons to overhaul your website. You may have a new logo, may be using new colors, or might be making a big change in the direction of your business where the old look won’t fit. In those cases, sure, it might be time for a new look with a redesigned website.

Whatever the case, be sure that you really have a legitimate business reason to redesign your website. The commitment of time, money, and other resources isn’t worth it otherwise.

A true web professional will sit down with you to help you make an informed decision about whether it’s time to redesign or not.

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