We’re passionate about the technical side of websites, and we regularly partner with agencies and website designers to turn their creative vision into a well-built and beautiful website. We also help with ongoing hosting and maintenance, search engine optimization, and troubleshooting technical issues. Have a website need you don’t see listed below? Just ask! It’s possible we do that too.  

WordPress Development

Do you love the design phase of websites but struggle to get motivated to actually code them? Maybe it’s time to outsource development so you can spend more time focused on the creative piece you love most. If you’re looking for a website developer who can turn your creative vision into a gorgeous, well-built website, we can help — and you won’t have to touch a single line of code to make it happen. If you have a small development project instead of a full site build, we can help with that too.

Website Hosting and Maintenance

You’ve launched your client’s new website, and it’s time to celebrate! But it’s also time to put a plan in place to ensure it keeps running smoothly. Our website maintenance packages provide regular updates, backups, and malware protection so you can keep your clients satisfied without spending time on the nitty gritty stuff. You can move on to the next creative project with peace of mind that your existing client sites are well taken care of.  

Search Engine Optimization

It doesn’t matter how amazing your client’s site is if their customers can’t find it! We can’t promise they’ll end up on the first page of results (no one else can actually promise that either), but we can promise to deliver a clear, actionable plan for your client’s SEO needs. We cover both content recommendations and technical details of their website to ensure they reach the right people. More eyes on their website means more opportunity for growth, and that’s a win for everyone.   

Troubleshooting & Other Things

Plugins that refuse to cooperate? Weird little glitches happening on a client’s site? Complex integrations that need a technical brain to make it happen? Yes, we do all of that too. Even if you bring us an issue that isn’t our expertise, we have a trusted network of other contractors and companies who know their stuff when it comes to websites, digital marketing, print, and so much more. If we can’t handle it, we’ll help you find someone who can.

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