How to Give Your Developer Access to Your Site
When hiring a developer to work on your client’s sites, you will need to give them admin access to the
What Do I Use When I Build A Site?
Often I have people ask me what I use when I build a website and honestly a lot of it
5 Tasks To Do Every Month On Your Client’s Sites
When you build your client’s website, it’s easy to forget about all the tasks that will go along with it
Yearly Website Planning For Your Client’s Websites
It’s that time of year where everyone is making all the plans. People are creating marketing plans, business plans, outlining
How To Setup Managed Hosting For Your Clients
So you’ve decided you want to offer managed hosting to all of your clients? Great! Now, it's time to get
Offering A Managed Hosting Plan For Your Clients
We all know that growing our monthly recurring revenue is a good way to increase the predictability of your agency’s
How To Do An SEO Audit For Your Clients
Before you can offer SEO services to your clients you need to know where your clients are and what they’re
What is a WordPress Developer Partner?
As an agency you have several options when it comes to building out your clients websites. You can… Hire a
How Will FSE Affect Your Business
Full site editing is the term being used for all the functionality being added to WordPress that will allow website
How to Sell Your Clients on Website Care Plans
As an agency owner, we’re always wanting to increase our monthly recurring revenue; and a website care plan is a
Finding Success in Outsourcing
In the past few blog posts we’ve gone through what you need to know about outsourcing, when you need to
Deciding What You Are Going to Outsource
Hopefully by now you’ve decided you want to collaborate with a developer, it’s your time to outsource, and you’ve picked
Finding the Right WordPress Developer for Your Business
So you’ve decided you are ready to begin outsourcing to a WordPress developer, but now what? How do you even
When to Outsource
Welcome back, friends! Last month we went over the basics of what it looks like when it comes to working
Collaborating with a WordPress Developer: What You Need to Know
This blog marks the beginning of our new blog series that will cannonball you into the logistics of working with
A WordPress upgrade process that works
WordPress upgrades are an important part of regular website maintenance. The process can sound a little daunting at first, but
Three SEO myths that need to go away
SEO is a common topic of conversation with many of our clients and strategic partners, as it should be. Sometimes
My website launched. Now what?
Congratulations, you’ve launched your new website! You spent time working with your internal team or an external partner to define
Get specific with your website redesign goals
When it comes to websites, or any other online marketing, you should have specific goals for what you want to
WordPress Dashboard walkthrough, part 2
Ready to finish up our look at the backend of WordPress and all the common options you can use to
WordPress Dashboard walkthrough, part 1
When you first log into WordPress, you'll be placed on the Dashboard. While Dashboard is the name of the initial
Secure passwords made easy
One of the weakest areas in any website, WordPress websites included, tends to be the password. Of course, as a
How to create a new user on WordPress
If you need a little help with your WordPress site, you can add users with various roles to do various
Difference between categories and tags in WordPress
On your blog, you can make it a lot easier for people find your content by organizing it in ways
Avoid these two SEO pitfalls
There's a relatively common issue I run into with clients who tell me they want to improve their SEO, or
Why and how to backup your WordPress site
Think about a time when you've been working on an important file—a year-end report, maybe, or a strategic plan that's
Why designers need developers
Let's face it. We've all seen those websites that technically work great, but they look like they were designed by
How to change your WordPress profile picture
Ever left a comment on a WordPress website and wondered where that little profile picture came from? Or logged into
Do you need to change your website to https?
You may have heard that your website needs to be more secure. So if you change it from http to
When to hire someone to build your website
A lot of smaller businesses and nonprofits don't think they can afford to have a website. And while I may
Working with broken links in WordPress
Ever clicked on a link on a website and got the dreaded "Page not found" or "Object not found" error
When should I redesign my website?
Maybe you've had your website for a while, and you're wondering if it's time for a redesign. I'm asked that
Adding a donate button to your WordPress website
In general, one of the advantages to having a website is that it gives you a 24/7 online presence without
3 questions to plan a successful website
A website is a useful tool for most businesses. But rushing into a website usually ends with a half-finished site
Benefits and drawbacks of WordPress
WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for hosting websites. It's accessible to people with little or no coding
6 ways to secure your WordPress site
It's uncomfortable to think about whether or not your WordPress website could get hacked. Unfortunately, 73.2% of WordPress installations are
Three ways to speed up your website
Waiting for long-loading website is so frustrating that, according to Kissmetrics, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more
Questions to ask a potential hosting provider
Keeping your website online and safe for your customers is simply an essential part of running a modern business. In
Easily improve your WordPress security
I've talked before about security on WordPress. While the developers at WordPress do a lot of good work to make
Cheapest isn’t always best
You have a lot of options to choose from when hosting your website. It can be tempting to go with
Choosing a safe WordPress plugin
If you want to add different types of functionality to your website, WordPress plugins are an easy way to do
How secure is a WordPress site?
Understandably, website security is top-of-mind for most people when they are creating a website. There are a number of content
Your homepage is not your website
Don't stress—your homepage is still a part of your website. But it's not your whole website. Sometimes, people prioritize their
Know your audience
Are you sure about which social media platforms you should focus your energy on? If you aren't, you're not alone.
Is your website an expense or an investment?
As a business owner, I know your expenses can add up. They're necessary, but once you pay for that service
Using the WordPress Genesis Theme
One of the reasons WordPress is a good choice as a content management system is that it is designed to
Why I Use WordPress
I used WordPress to build my website, and I think you should too. Of course, this is only my personal
Hello again!
Welcome back to my weekly blog! It's been a while, but I'm back! I’m committing to share with you some
Wheelchairs and Websites: Web Accessibility
My husband and I were in Vegas a couple of weeks ago and decided to go on the Hoover Dam
7 Online Tasks To Do While Slow
As with any business or organization there are times when you are swamped and times when you are slow. Many
How to create a blueprint for your website
My husband and I have been thinking about our next house. We’ve been trying to figure out where we want
Is Your Website Scaring Your Visitors Away?
Two weeks ago we talked about how to get people to your website.  Now, let’s talk about your website.  Are
Is Your Website in a Blackhole?
So, you have a website but you’re wondering now what? You believed everyone when they told you all you need


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