April 18, 2017

Why designers need developers

Let’s face it. We’ve all seen those websites that technically work great, but they look like they were designed by an IT professional, not a designer.

Of course, I’m not saying all IT people are bad designers. But when you’re great at the technical side of things, you’re usually not good at visual design as well.

Not surprisingly, the reverse is true as well. If you’re great at design, the chance that you’re really good at the technical side of things isn’t that great.

Developers need designers, and designers need developers.

I love working with designers, although I can really only speak to my own experience there.

When I’m putting together a website for a client, often I find that just a little help from a designer can go a long way. I can often get 80% of the way on my own, but a designer helps me get the rest of the way there.

I think any designer that works with a developer is looking for that same thing. Many designers that create websites love to use WordPress. But actually taking that beautiful design they created in Photoshop and turning it into a functioning website isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

At best, they end up investing a lot of time and possibly compromising their design. At worst, they can’t recreate what they designed in WordPress.

That’s where working with a competent developer can really be beneficial. They can step in and convert that PSD file into a working website.

Not only that, but if they’re WordPress pros, they’ll know what plug-ins to recommend. They’ll follow best practices with basic security. And they may even set up a backup solution. All technical things that the designer shouldn’t have to worry about but are still important to their client.

Okay, you’ve probably guessed that I’m describing how I work with designers. But I really think that any competent WordPress developer can step in and help a designer and save them time, energy, and frustration.

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