April 10, 2014

Is Your Website in a Blackhole?

So, you have a website but you’re wondering now what? You believed everyone when they told you all you need is a website and your sales will explode. People will come running to your site to see what you offer. You have your website, now where are all the people?

Your website might have found itself in a blackhole. No one can find it, no one knows it’s there.

We’re going to start a series going over the main reasons your website might not be converting.  This will be written in several posts, each post covering a different problem.

Right now we’re going to assume your site is outstanding. When people come to your site they are blown away by what you do and rush to contact you as soon as possible. The problem is they just aren’t finding your site.

Put your website URL everywhere

First question, is your website url EVERYWHERE? Customers can’t go to your website if they don’t know where it is. We’re talking business cards, brochures, ever print piece, social media profiles. If you can fit your website url on it, do it. This is the best place to tell your story because you are not confined by a max number of words or the size of the paper. You can adjust content as needed. You can make sure it is always up to date.

SEO Optimization

Second question, have you optimized your site for search engines?  You must show search engines that you are worth being near the top of the results because the higher you rank the more likely people will be coming to your site.

The first way to do this is to make sure you have good, quality content that focuses on what people are searching for. You can’t discuss chinese lanterns and expect to get people looking for organic food. The content you write needs to address the questions people are asking and relate to what you are selling.

Search engines must also think you are important, this means others must think you’re important. People need to be viewing your content, sharing it and linking to it.  If your customers think you are enough of an authority on a given subject that they are sharing your content, then the search engines will think you are an authority on that content as well.

Lastly, your site needs to work well. You know all those things you’re developer does that you prefer not to think about? They’re important. Site speed, number of broken links, ease of use – all of this factors into search engine rankings.

Social Media

You want a good way for your site to be discovered? Utilize targeted social media. Social media is a really, really important way to get your site, and thus your brand, out to your customers. Every time you share an interesting blog post, an event or a sale you are leading people back to your site to find out more. When you answer questions or start conversations you are generating interest in who you are and your brand which leads people to your site. You should know where your target audience is hanging out on social media and you should be hanging out there and interacting as well.

I’d love to hear your ideas! Do you have something that’s working for you? Do you have a question about how to use  this? Let me know in the comments!

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