March 8, 2016

Using the WordPress Genesis Theme

One of the reasons WordPress is a good choice as a content management system is that it is designed to be very user-friendly, and with little experience you can create a functional website.

However, using WordPress at its most basic level can leave something to be desired. Often, users will want to customize their website by choosing an appealing theme and tweaking it to suit their needs.

For this website, I use the Genesis theme. It’s not the easiest to use, so I wouldn’t recommend it for first-time WordPress users working on their own. It can be a great option, though!

Genesis is a theme that doesn’t have a lot of extra code. Even if you don’t get into the HTML side of a WordPress site, the amount of code in a theme matters because it affects the speed and security of your website.

Because Genesis is so streamlined in its coding, websites with this theme run fairly quickly. Drag-and-drop templates, like some of WordPress’s other themes have, contain a lot of code in order to make that drag-and-drop feature work well. That’s great for novice website-builders, but it can create unwanted lag time in website loading times!

Having a relatively small amount of extra code keeps Genesis fairly secure, as well. Since there isn’t unnecessary code associated with the theme, it’s more difficult for hackers to find an in-road to attack websites with that theme.

Naturally, I think that Genesis allows for beautiful website design, as well! It’s a bit challenging to customize, though, so unless you want to use it exactly as the template prescribes, it’s a good idea to hire a developer. If you have questions about using Genesis or other WordPress themes, let’s chat.

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