September 13, 2016

Three ways to speed up your website

Waiting for long-loading website is so frustrating that, according to Kissmetrics, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. That means if you have a slow website, you could be losing a lot of leads.

Here are a few suggestions for speeding up the load time of your website so that doesn’t happen to you.

Not only will a faster website keep your website’s visitors around, it will also help keep your site in good standing with Google.

Optimize your images

Large image files take a longer time to load. On a page with several images, this can be even more of a problem. Many web masters simply add images to content without thinking about the impact that size will have.

Reducing your image size is one of the simplest page load fixes available. Use a photo-editing tool and an online file reduction tool such as JPEGmini or ImageOptim to optimize your images for a faster page load time.

Decrease HTTP requests

Here’s one that may require a professional, depending on your level of expertise. When a page is loaded, all of the scripts, images and other elements must load. The more of these elements exist, the longer the load time will be. Generally speaking, a simpler website is faster.

Make your website lean by using one stylesheet rather than several, reducing the number of scripts that load and moving them to the footer, and reducing the number of elements on each page.

Reduce the number of plugins on your site

Plugins can be very helpful, but too many of them can be a drag on your site’s speed. To improve your load times, find ways to reduce the number of plugins that you are using. Since some plugins are more of a drag than others, you might test them by turning them off and back on to see which are the worst offenders.

Speeding up your website helps you prevent visitors leaving your site because they’re frustrated by how slowly it runs. These three tactics may not make your website look any different, but they will make your website more appealing to potential customers.

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