May 3, 2016

How secure is a WordPress site?

Understandably, website security is top-of-mind for most people when they are creating a website. There are a number of content management systems you can use to create and customize your website, but WordPress is my personal favorite. And its security capabilities are a part of that.

Many people claim that WordPress is always getting hacked, so it’s not a good resource for creating a website. But WordPress is an open-source content management system. That may sound like it’s open to hacking, but what it actually means is that there are hundreds of developers working on all the websites, constantly making sure they’re secure.

WordPress powers over 25% of the internet, which makes it a very stable platform. You do have to keep it updated, though. Because WordPress powers over 25% of the internet, hackers know that if they can figure out how to hack a WordPress site, they’ll have easier access to a lot of sites on the internet.

That’s why the developers are constantly working on the sites, to combat those hackers. You can do your part to protect your site, though, by implementing regularly-checked security features. Any kind of website isn’t something you can simply create and then ignore.

Some of the ways you can secure your WordPress site are:

  • Making regular backups
  • Keeping up with WordPress upgrades
  • Updating your plugins
  • Installing a plugin that limits people trying to log into your site

These safety precautions will work alongside the monitoring that the WordPress developers do to strengthen your website against an attack.

If you’re not sure if your website is secure, let’s have a conversation. We can figure out if your website is vulnerable to attack and what we can do to make it more secure.

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