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Brooke Brown with Teach Outside the Box reached out needing help expanding the ecommerce capabilities of her website. At that point she already had a website created but needed help expanding the functionality of the site since her business had grown. 

I helped Brooke add ecommerce functionality to her site so she could start selling products off of her site and not just Teacher’s Pay Teachers which was taking a large percentage of her profits. We then decided to expand it even further to include physical products when she wanted to start selling her Makerspace as well as Teach Outside the Box merchandise. I’ve also taken over the site updates and maintenance so she had once less item to worry with and she could concentrate on her business and not whether her site was working or not.

Work done on site:

  1. Setup e-commerce for downloadable and physical products.
  2. Took over maintenance and updates of the site.
  3. Optimized speed and performance of site

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