Engagement is so important to the success of your online marketing! After all, social media is intended to be social.

Engagement refers to the conversations that you’re actually able to have online with your current or prospective clients, donors, or volunteers.

After you’ve created your platform, shared quality content on a consistent basis, and established yourself as a helpful industry expert, engagement helps your audience get to know you and connect with you in a real way.

Now, you obviously can’t just make people comment on your Facebook posts. But you can optimize your posts to make engagement more likely on Facebook. I’ll share an actionable tip for your Facebook page that can help you increase your engagement, but first, a word about content.

Consider your content

Before you start worrying about how much engagement you’re getting on your Facebook page, think about what kind of content you’re sharing. Are you sharing things your audience will have an interest in? Are you sharing content from other organizations? Or are you simply sharing content that promotes your organization?

If your posts are only about what you do, your services, or even what sales you’re having, you’re probably not going to have a lot of luck with engagement. Think about friends or acquaintances you have who can never seem to stop talking about themselves. That’s annoying in real life, and it’s annoying online!

Share content that your audience would find interesting and useful, even if it’s not from or about your organization. If you’re already doing that, kudos! Here’s one way you can make that even more useful.

Small, strategic boosts

Unfortunately, most of the people who have liked your Page are not seeing your posts. Depending on the research you look at, only two to ten percent of your audience is seeing any given post (yes, you read that right).

Why? Increased competition, for one. But also, Facebook is a business. And Facebook has been decreasing the organic reach of Pages for several years now, because there’s a market for paid ads and boosted posts.

Here’s one solution to get you the most reach for your budget. Pay attention to posts that are already receiving engagement—likes, shares, comments—and boost those with a small five or ten dollar boost. A small boost can build exponentially on the traction that post is already gaining, reaching people who wouldn’t already know about you.

It might be tempting to try to boost posts that aren’t getting a lot of engagement, but that’s not going to get you the most reach in the long term. Find out what people already like, boost that, and you’ll notice a snowball effect. Currently, posts with video or images tend to be the best posts to boost for the amount of reach you’ll receive.

If you’re frustrated about the dwindling organic reach of Facebook Pages, I feel your pain. Small, strategic boosts can help your organization get around this barrier and still get a good amount of bang for your buck.

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