When you’re planning out your monthly content, do you freak out a little and think you don’t have enough to make it through the whole month? Here’s a great way to not have that anxiety: reuse your previous content.

Some of your content will remain relevant for your readers over time, which is called evergreen content. This content doesn’t include anything that might become dated, like statistics or seasonal trends. However, it does include content like industry tips, frequently asked questions, testimonials, and explanations of common concepts. Think of an evergreen treeā€”it always has leaves, so this content is always relevant.

Once you have your evergreen content, you can use an online tool called Meet Edgar. The tagline states that it’s a “social media scheduling tool that manages itself.” This tool allows you to plug in your evergreen content and have it publish with an auto-refilling queue that some scheduling tools do not have. You need an invitation to create an account, which comes within minutes of entering your email. Also, there is a subscription fee of $49 a month, which is paid annually.

If you cannot afford Meet Edgar, you can create an Excel or Numbers sheet with various tabs for your content. Your evergreen content can live in a tab that says when you last used it, what your text for the social media update will say, a link to content, and whatever other information you need to stay organized.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you organize your content. You can use tools that auto-refill your scheduled content like Meet Edgar, or you can organize everything yourself and do it manually each moth. You need a system that makes the most sense for you.

You have more content than you think. You don’t always have to push out new content each month. It’s okay to use your evergreen content.

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