April 24, 2014

Is Your Website Scaring Your Visitors Away?

Two weeks ago we talked about how to get people to your website.  Now, let’s talk about your website.  Are you getting visitors to your website but they are just leaving? Do they make it a couple of pages in but then disappear? You’re website might be scaring your visitors away from doing business with you. We’re going to cover five possible reasons you aren’t getting traction and what you can do about it.

1. Good Design

We’re going to start with the foundation of your website because like a house if the foundation fails so does the rest. It is extremely important your website is well designed. Now, this doesn’t just mean pretty, although a visually appealing website is part of it. This means it looks professional. This means a designer took the time to look at your content and make sure it was all structured well so the website wasn’t confusing and your customer moves right through the process to the sale or contact. Otherwise, they will run away and not look back.

2. Call To Action

Do your customers know what they are supposed to do when they get to your website? You need to walk them through exactly what they need to do. Make this process a no-brainer.

3. Contact Form

So, they know they need to contact you next but is there an easy way for them to do this? Do you have a phone number or email address hidden somewhere on your website or do you list all that plainly throughout the website and guide them to a contact form which they can easily fill out and hit send? Don’t make them work to buy something from you.

4. Information About Your Brand

Your customers don’t want to buy from a robot or a stuffy corporation. They want to buy from a human being who they can trust. You need to put information about your brand and what you do. It needs to be conversational and you need to come across as approachable.

5. Mobile Friendly

Can your customers view a mobile friendly version of your website while on their phones? If your website doesn’t change to accommodate screen size you could be losing a lot of customers who aren’t going to take the time to work a website not made for their device.  Again, you need to make this incredibly easy for them to do. Think about what people will want to do if they come to your site from a mobile device and make sure that information is at the top and easy to complete.

That’s my list for the top five critical elements of website design. Is there something I forgot to mention? Tell me in the comments. Let me know if you’ve run into these issues with your website.

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