July 21, 2021

How Will FSE Affect Your Business

Full site editing is the term being used for all the functionality being added to WordPress that will allow website owners to edit every part of their website using WordPress blocks. Previously, it was just the content areas of posts, pages, and any custom post types that were created but once full site editing is here website owners will be able to also edit the widget areas, header, and footer with WordPress blocks.

Full site editing (FSE) is now starting to be implemented in WordPress as of the release of 5.8 on July 20. This is going to be a huge update for marketing or advertising agencies that build and maintain WordPress websites for their clients as it could make your process easier and it will make it easier for client’s to edit their own site.

laptop showing WordPress sitting on table with a notebook

FSE has been a goal in WordPress for a while now as SquareSpace and Wix became more popular. These two platforms made it possible for users to easily edit their own site and many in WordPress wanted to create a platform to compete. 

The latest release has added the ability to edit widget areas using WordPress blocks as well as the ability to create block templates which you can then use to build out pages within your site. 

So, how does this affect your agency?

It will probably create a bigger divide between the individual who wants to do it themselves and those that will be hiring your agency. Once this is implemented and gives the individual more control over what they can edit, they are less likely to call you to help them with their website. 

That’s probably a good thing though. You want the client who realizes they are hiring you to create more than just a website. They are hiring you to understand the strategy behind design and laying out a website. They are hiring you to know what content needs to go where and how to market their business and website once the website is done. These are the clients you want. If they are easily able to edit their website it isn’t going to suddenly impart all the strategy and knowledge you have gained. 

The good (and bad) news is that it will still make it easier for your client to keep their website up-to-date if they want, which makes them happy. It will also make it easier for them to make major edits to the design of their website, so keep that in mind. 

It could also make it easier for you to build out the website since you won’t have to rely on coding out the templates as much (you will still need to dive into the code some). In the end, they will still need you for the intangibles that go beyond building a website.

If you use a page builder like Elementor or Beaver Builder, or even Advanced Custom Fields you can ignore this as you already are circumventing the native editor and most of this won’t apply to you. 

If you have any questions about full site editing and what it will mean for your agency feel free to reach out and we can talk through how it will look in your process.

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