February 2, 2016

Hello again!

Welcome back to my weekly blog! It’s been a while, but I’m back!

I’m committing to share with you some of what I’ve learned over the years about creating engaging, responsive, imaginative websites, as well as all sorts of online marketing tips and advice. I hope you’ll stick around to learn how you can maximize your online marketing. You can even make that easier on yourself by subscribing to our newsletter!

I will be focusing on tips for non-profits, agricultural and rural businesses, and professional service businesses, and I want to make sure that when you’ve taken the time to read my blog, you come away with something useful.

Sometimes I’ll go into a bit of detail about the services that I provide:

Many company leaders know that online marketing is important, but may not know where to start. While I am happy to help you craft an online marketing plan, it’s helpful to have a big-picture idea of what basic online marketing looks like.

My 3 broad-stroke tips for online marketing are:

If you aren’t on social media, get on social media. This is a free or low-cost way to interact with potential customers! Don’t miss out on that opportunity.

If your site isn’t responsive, fix it. Or get in touch with someone who can, like yours truly. This includes having a mobile-friendly website.

Establish yourself as an expert. Don’t assume that others know about your experience! Use your online presence as a way to show that you’re able to help solve the problems that customers bring to you.

BONUS: Whatever you do online, be consistent about it. If you need to start small to be consistent, that’s okay!

I look forward to providing you with helpful online marketing advice!

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