What if I just have a small change or update?

Do you just need someone you can call when you run into technical problems with your clients? I’d love to be available for any maintenance/support problems you run into! I can also take care of all of your hosting and domain setups for any of your clients if you need. I’m available for small fixes and tweaks or if you need more we can setup a retainer.

What all can you take care of?

All of the technical. I can take care of domain setup and hosting migration for all of your projects. I also provide 30 days of support after the project launch and can take care of any maintenance or updates that come up after that as well. I will also provide videos training to your client on how they can use their website.

What files do you need?

Brand files, logo, fonts, patterns, style guide, programmers guide, DETAILED design files, login information, etc. Don’t worry I’ll give you a detailed checklist of what I need when we start working together.

If you are using Illustrator or Photoshop make sure your layers are named properly and unmerged. Have a file for each page.

Will I be able to see the designs during the process

Yes! I will give you access to the staging site when I start working on the project. However, I develop locally on my computer so the staging site will probably be updated about once a week.

How does communication work?

That depends on you. Sometimes my clients will want me to talk to the client to make sure we are all on the same page and sometimes they want everything to go through them. Either way is perfectly fine, just make sure I know up front what your preference is.

Should I build in cost or have clients pay you directly?

Whatever you are most comfortable with.

When should I contact you?

From the beginning. I will have questions for the client as well as you are going through the discovery process and it will ensure that the quote I give you is as accurate as possible. Plus, having a developer in from the beginning can make sure we avoid anything that can slow down the project in the development stage.

How do I get you my designs?

Dropbox, Google Drive, InvisionApp, Zepelin – any of these work great.

What does this cost?

Development projects start at $2000 for a basic site. If you need e-commerce or a membership area setup it will start at $4000.

Can you handle setup and everything?

Yes! Do you need me to take care of the migration and the domain changes? No problem, that’s included in any development project on most hosts. Some hosts tend to be a little more complicated so it may cost a little more if you are on one of those. Just let me know what you need at the beginning of the project and I can give you a better idea of what’s involved.

What is the timeline?

Typically my projects take around 5 weeks provided I have everything I need when I start. However, that will really depend on the complexity of the project. If we are building out a more robust e-commerce or membership site then it may take longer.