If you want to help welcome new newsletter subscribers to your list, onboard new members to your organization by sharing useful information, or share content for a course over a period of several months, you might want to consider a drip campaign.

A drip campaign is a specific type of email campaign that sends out emails with pre-filled content automatically over a period of time. If you’re using MailChimp, it’s one of many things you can do with their automation tools.

Automated emails can be triggered by any number of things, like a new subscriber, someone leaving an item in their cart on your ecommerce site, an event, a subscriber’s birthday, or a different trigger you choose.

Just so you’re aware, automation is currently a feature MailChimp offers only for paid accounts.

Here are a few things you can do with automated emails to increase the ways you reach your subscribers, depending on what type of organization you’re marketing online.


  • Onboarding new volunteers or donors
  • Membership renewal (timing can be based on a donor’s last contribution or when they joined your list)
  • Ready-made drip campaign you can use for recurring events
  • End-of-year drip campaign for requesting donations

Retail businesses

  • Welcome series after someone makes their first purchase
  • Abandoned cart series
  • Reward your best customers with coupons or early sale announcements

Any organization

  • Automated birthday emails for subscribers whose birthday you have on file
  • Drip campaign for online training content
  • Unsubscribe email sent out at an interval after someone signs up (to keep your email list up-to-date)

As with other email campaigns, you can personalize automated campaigns with merge tags.

Want a more in-depth overview of automated MailChimp campaigns? This article in MailChimp’s Knowledge Base is a good place to start. Read more about the types of automated campaigns you can create here.

Know you want to set up some kind of email campaign through MailChimp, but aren’t sure where to start? Let’s talk about what you’re looking for and figure out a way to accomplish that.

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