The range of options for promoting your content on Facebook continues to increase, which can start to seem a little overwhelming, especially for organizations who are already juggling a lot of other priorities. It’s important to know that on Facebook there are two primary ways to get your business in front of more people: boosted posts and ads.

Boosted posts are when you pay up to a set amount of money for more people to see your existing content. You can boost that post to reach more people and target it to some specific audience criteria, such as people who already like your page and their friends. If you’ve ever been scrolling through Facebook and seen a post in your regular newsfeed that says “sponsored” on it in light gray text, that’s a boosted post. It looks pretty similar to all the other content in your newsfeed.

As with anything on Facebook, there are some guidelines around what you can include in a boosted post. If you have an image attached to your post, you’re limited on the amount of text that can be included in that image, as well as the content of the image itself. But all in all, boosted posts can be relatively simple for organizations to manage over time, and it can help spread awareness of your content and increase engagement on posts.

Facebook ads, on the other hand, allow for a little more detailed targeting of content and can be optimized for different goals. When you create an ad through the Facebook ad manager, you can set a goal for your campaign, which might include increasing page likes, clicking through to the website, video views, or website conversions.

You can also ad an optional call to action button, such as sign up, download now, or contact us. Ads can also show up in the right sidebar of the user’s Facebook page, which can mean much higher visibility and engagement than a boosted post that might get lost in the news feed.

So which one is right for your business? Both are relatively inexpensive options to get started and both allow you to set spending limits for each boosted post or ad. If you’re looking to increase your page likes or drive more people to your website, Facebook ads are likely the way to go. But if you’re looking for a pretty simple way to get your content in front of more people, boosted posts might be a better option. As with anything in marketing, it really comes down to defining your goals and creating a strategy to fit those goals.

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