Somewhere down the line, you may have been told to post blogs and send emails every week or maybe even more often. But have you ever heard of too much of a good thing?

Even when it’s material worth reading, there’s rarely enough time to sit and read everything that hits the inbox. If you’re emailing too often, you might be frustrating your audience and overwhelming them. Which can then get frustrating for you, because you’re not seeing the engagement stats you would like to see on your email newsletters.

It’s also possible that the thought of keeping up with a weekly blog or email newsletter is overwhelming for you in the first place. I’ve found that to be especially true for some small business owners.

So what’s most important? Striking a balance but being consistent. Whether you’re blogging weekly, twice a month, or maybe even just one a month, be consistent with it.

For some audiences, less frequent posts may hold more value. Quality over quantity. If your audience finds the information useful or it can be applied immediately in some way, they’re much more likely to read your future posts.

Reaching readers productively means doing your homework. Although you may not be posting blogs every week or multiple times a week, you’ll still want to be working on upcoming blogs regularly.

To ensure you’re creating useful content, look at past email newsletters to see what topics your audience engaged with most. Or, check your page views on your website to see which blogs have been read frequently. Another options is to ask your audience what topics they would like to see, whether that’s through an email survey or chatting informally with your audience about their preferred topics.

Consistent blogging is helpful for a variety of reasons, including SEO and sharing some of the expertise and personality of your company. But if weekly blogging is unsustainable for you, reduce the quantity and focus more on quality.