September 30, 2014

7 Online Tasks To Do While Slow

As with any business or organization there are times when you are swamped and times when you are slow. Many of us are left wringing our hands not knowing what to do. We are not very good at not working on or in our business. So, for these slow seasons I’ve compiled a list of online marketing items you can work on to improve your website and social media.

1. Proof your website

Dates have passed, product information is incorrect, contact information has changed. Now is a good time to go through and make sure you have the correct information on your site. Do you still offer the same packages? The same products? Are the dates still the same? Make sure your visitors don’t leave your website more confused than when they came.

2. Redesign

Is your site’s design out of date? Does it scream 1992? Now is a great time to hire a good designer to help you redesign your website. Add the features you’ve been meaning to add for a while. Change your colors to reflect your new branding. Get your website up to date on how it looks. Also, make sure your website can now fit easily with phones and tablets to accommodate the 63% (Pew Research) of people who use their phone to browse the internet.

3. New Blog Posts

You know the common questions it seems like every customer asks. Take a moment to write a blog post for each of those questions. This also means you can now have your blog posts all written and scheduled for the next few months. And maybe even a few will read the blog post before they ask you the questions.

4. New Products

Do you have an idea for a new product or package? Put the finishing touches on it and launch it into the world.

Slow written on street

5. Schedule Social Media

First, a disclaimer. Please don’t have all your social media scheduled and forget about it. Make sure you monitor it and change it appropriately due to current events. Trust me, bad things can happen if you do. Remember, those blog posts you just wrote? Schedule the social posts just like you scheduled the blog posts.

6. Ramp up social interactions

It’s really hard to constantly stay involved in social media. When you are slow you can ramp up your efforts a little and start interacting more with your fans. Create a contest on facebook to get them more involved or ask them some questions you’ve been wondering about. It’s never a bad thing to get the answers to your questions from the people you are hoping buy from you.

7. Re-Evaluate your online strategy

Is your social interaction working? Are people coming to your website? Do they stay and click your call to action? Take a look at your analytics and see what’s working and not. You can take the time to adjust your strategy to increase what’s working and nix what’s not.

Those are just a few things you can do to step up your online marketing when things are slow. Do you have any more ideas? Need help implementing some of these strategies? Let me know how I can help!

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